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Dealing with being in constant pain is challenging. Our clinic helps patients to alleviate pain sensations immediately, as well as to provide long-term solutions for fighting the root causes of pain. Our New York-based practice is an effective and affordable solution to achieve fast and effective return to your normal quality of life. What is even more important is, the creation of steady progress towards lasting results, ensuring your pain will be eliminated, or if your condition requires it, kept in-check under a specially supervised permanent pain management plan.

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What Conditions Can We Help You With?
The Pain Clinic NYC



How Can We Help?

Our clinic offers a broad range of treatments and pain
management plans, focusing on creating long-lasting results,
but at the same time not ignoring the immediate suffering of
our patient in the process. In order to provide effective solutions,
we use various methods including:


Back Pain Treatments
Minimally Invasive Treatments
Spinal Injections
Therapeutic Injections

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Our Patients Say:

Marisol K.
Lyndhurst, NJ

I’ve had chronic back pain for over 20 years due to degenerative disc disease and have been under the care of a number of doctors including surgeons, pain specialists and so on. On my most recently pain episode I went to see Dr Khaimov. Even though his office is rather far from where I live I have decided that sticking with him is well worth the trip. Dr Khaimov genuinely cares about his patients and is highly qualified. I have seen my pain decrease substantially under his care. He’s also very accommodating to his patients schedules, personable and directly available for any concerns, all of which I highly appreciate.

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